North Sweden Seaport is a cooperation between four sea ports situated within 230 km along the coastline in the Gulf of Bothnia; from south Port of Skellefteå, Port of Piteå, Port of Luleå and Port of Kalix. One important partner is ShoreLink AB, a company operating in all three ports supplying full services in the areas of loading, transport, warehousing and clearance services.

The aim of the cooperation is to increase competition in the shipping industry in the region, which will benefit both industry och society. These three ports together ad up to a 8% share of the total amount of cargo passing through Swedish ports.

Port of Skellefteå
Port of Skellefteå handles mostly forestry products and bulk cargo. The port is very experienced in delivering tailor made logistics for the establishment of wind turbines in Northern Sweden. Liner services to England.

Port of Piteå
Port of Piteå is Sweden´s second largest port in terms of handling forestry products such as paper pulp; kraft linerboard and pulpwood as well as sawn timber. Large investments in infrastructure and storage capacity has been made. Two ro-ro connections. Liner services to England and Germany.

Port of Luleå
One of Sweden’s largest ports regarding the share of total volume of goods. The port of Luleå handles large volumes of bulk cargo such as coal, limestone, bentonite and scrap metal. The port provides the region with icebreaking services since the Swedish icebreaking fleet is situated in Luleå.

Port of Kalix
Wood pulp is the most common goods loaded on to ships in Kalix. Incoming goods is dominated by pulp wood mainly from pine trees from the Baltic countries.

ShoreLink AB operates in all four ports and provides full service in the areas of loading and unloading vessels as well as supplying complementary services to this line of business, such as land transport, warehousing, clearance etc.

ShoreLink AB handles approximately 5 million tonnes of Cargo annually with 160 employees.

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